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TriPollar Treatments

Firm, Sculpt, Countour! 

TriPollar is a simple and pain free procedure that delivers immediate visible body and facial contouring effects from the first treatment - and long-lasting results without surgery or downtime.  

Tripollar Technology: Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
​* Firm and rejuvenate the skin        
* Contour the facial skin     
* Sculpt the body and reduce unwanted fat deposits
* Reduce the appearance of cellulite 
* Improve the appearance of stretch marks

How TriPollar Works
Technology painlessly delivers focused and optimal radio-frequency (RF) energy to the skin surface and to subcutaneous fat layers. Controlled energy is delivered via three or more electrodes and limited to the treatment area. This focused delivery results in immediate visible results. For improved results, it is recommended to undergo a series of treatments. This means safer, more efficient continuous heating, shorter treatment duration and fewer treatment sessions. Because of the relatively low power needed to perform Tripollar treatments, the procedure is painless and pleasant.

Treat Delicate Areas

TriPollar technology enables the treatment of fine lines and very delicate areas of the face without causing damage or pain. These include areas around the lips (peri oral) and around the eyes (peri orbital).

Collagen Regeneration
The elastic fibres of the skin, collagen and elastin, are produced by fibroblasts. As they are heated, they contract and collagen strands are pulled closer resulting in immediately tightened skin. The deep heating effect in turn accelerates the fat cell metabolism to augment collagen regeneration over the full treatment course. The desired result: tighter, younger looking skin immediately and long-term skin remodelling.

Fat Reduction
Heating the fat cells accelerates metabolism and causes them to shrink. The rise in temperature forces fat cells to secrete fatty acids (liquid fat), which are disposed of via the blood and lymph system. The desired result: fat and circumference reduction and minimized cellulite appearance.

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Face and Neck

6 treatments

8 treatments

10 treatments

Eye Zone:  $110
Full Face:  $170
Neck:  $96$450$630$720
Neck & Decollate:  $160
Full Face and Neck:  $250 
Jaw Line:  $90
Jaw and Neck Line:  $135

Upper Body

6 treatments

8 treatments

10 treatments

Hands and Fingers:  $105$525$735$840
Bra Back:  $180$900$1260$1440
Arms:  $180 
Love Handles:  $135 
Love Handles + Abdomen:  $320$1600$2240$2560

Lower Body

6 treatments

8 treatments

10 treatments

Thighs:  $260
Thighs and Banana Roll:  $320
Saddle Bags and Banana Roll:  $280
Buttocks:  $220