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Non Invasive Skin Therapy

Laser Hair Removal

Non Invasive Permanent Solutions

How it works

Clinically proven LHE (Light & Heat Energy) technology delivers lasting hair removal with unsurpassed safety and effectiveness.

Using a unique combination of light and heat energies, LHE hair removal significantly inhibits future hair growth.

​​Upper Lip:    $60
Chin:    $70
Chin & Upper Lip:    $90
Full Face (lip, sides, chin, neck):    $150
Under Arm:    $90
Fore Arms:    $200
Back of Neck:    $70
Lower Leg:    $200
Upper Leg:    $270
Full Leg:    $350​
Bikini:    $90+
Back:    $280+
Shoulders:    $150+
Chest:    $25

Laser Hair Removal